About Us

Mandarin For Life is the brainchild of CEFL’s CEO, Dr Elsie Chin. Her passion and enthusiasm for education has spilled over into teaching Standard Chinese, or Mandarin Chinese. CEFL is renowned for the expertise of their teachers and a personalised learning approach to teaching English.

For almost two decades, CEFL’s proven teaching methods have been used to effectively teach English to children and adults, and are currently used to improve the skills of more than 10,000 students across Malaysia. Leveraging on the strength of CEFL’s teaching methods, the Mandarin For Life programme offers comprehensive and high quality language courses that are designed to take learners from age 4 onwards on a Journey to the East.

The students are introduced to Mandarin Chinese in a way that actively applies the principle of learn through play and play to learn’. Mandarin For Life is unique in Malaysia as it offers an effective language programme that approaches language mastery through play-based learning.

The syllabus of the Young Learners Mandarin Programme follows internationally recognised standards. Students at the end of each level in the Young Learners Mandarin Programme are eligible candidates to confidently sit for the Youth Chinese Test (YCT), which is a standardised international test of Chinese language proficiency. The benchmarks of Chinese language proficiency on the YCT exam can be compared to an equivalent measure of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). CEFR is the widely accepted European standard for establishing an individual’s language proficiency.

Why Mandarin For Life is your ideal choice

The Mandarin Chinese programme is a gradual development of the linguistic components of language processing
Mandarin For Life has developed a unique approach to the natural ability of language acquisition of language students
A personalised learning approach that starts with a placement test and makes sure each student is placed at the right course level, suitable to the student’s age, learning expectations and learning styles
Small groups with a maximum of 12 students each ensure personal attention, maximum participation and interaction among the students
The method offers continuity from age 4 onwards

Our Vision

  • an institution that is an integral part of the community’s success story
  • distinguished by our accreditation for excellence in teaching
  • recognised for our highly effective and systematic teaching methods
  • known for our innovative teaching methods and our continuous strive for knowledge and innovation
  • a leader in education, and language learning with an affinity for diversity

Our Mission

Mandarin For Life is the result of a comprehensive approach to Chinese education. Our mission is to:

  • guide teachers and students to a new Chinese teaching and learning framework
  • cater to preschool, primary, secondary and adult learners with different learning expectations and learning styles