“Learn through play and play to learn”

Mandarin For Life offers comprehensive and high quality language courses that are designed to take learners from age 4 onwards on a Journey to the East. The students are introduced to Mandarin Chinese in a way that actively applies the principle learn through play and play to learn.

The journey to mastering Mandarin Chinese requires a shift in current thinking about learning a new language. Mandarin For Life’s programme was developed through taking a forward-thinking approach to teaching Mandarin Chinese through play. Children can naturally and very effectively acquire the language as they enjoy playing to learn.

All classes are held in Mandarin Chinese for 98% to 100% of the time. The courses are carefully designed and constructed in a way that prompts intuitive comprehension even for the youngest of our learners.

Junior Mandarin

This course is specially designed for early learners: 4 and 5-year-old children. Teachers conduct classes in a manner that is suitable to the experience and age of the students, both in terms of comprehension and outcome. Through hands-on activities, such as songs, games and acting, students learn to follow simple instructions and gradually start to mix and match words to form sentences as they embark on a Journey to the East.

Young Learners Mandarin

The Young Learners Mandarin Programme is divided into six levels and is specifically designed for children between the ages of 6 and 12 years old. Mandarin For Life’s unique and innovative approach to teaching Mandarin Chinese makes this course the preferred choice for young learners who want to speak and understand Chinese, and to enjoy the process of learning the new language. Students will develop a vocabulary of over 1,000 words that they will be able to use both conversationally and in writing. Additionally, they will become eligible to confidently sit for the YCT (Youth Chinese Test) which provides verification of their proficiency in Mandarin Chinese.

Quality Control

Junior Mandarin course and Young Learners Mandarin course include hands-on exercises, such as:

  • HanZi dominoes
  • magnetic spelling bee
  • building blocks
  • magic writing mats
  • play dough

The relevant learning materials have been tested to be free from toxic paint and chemicals to assure safe learning and playing.

Quality controls, certificates: