Young Learners Mandarin Programme

Young Learners Mandarin Programme

The Young Learners Mandarin Programme is divided into six levels and is specifically designed for children between the ages of 6 and 12 years old. Mandarin For Life’s unique and innovative approach to teaching Mandarin Chinese makes this course the preferred choice for young learners who want to speak and understand Chinese, and to enjoy the process of learning the new language. Students will develop a vocabulary of over 1,000 words that they will be able to use both conversationally and in writing.  Additionally, they will become eligible to confidently sit for the YCT (Youth Chinese Test) which provides verification of their proficiency in Mandarin Chinese.

No prior knowledge of Mandarin Chinese is required before commencing classes at Mandarin For Life. Students complete a placement test before classes start to determine the student’s level and assign the appropriate class accordingly.


A 2-hour learning session, held once a week. 80 hours in total per level

Course Duration

4 terms of 10 weeks each for each of the six levels

Homework Workload

Approximately 30 minutes of homework is assigned each week


The Young Learners Mandarin Programme is divided into 6 levels. Each level adheres to the respective requirements of the Youth Chinese Test (YCT). As they make progress through the programme, the MFL students will become eligible candidates to confidently sit for the YCT

Total 6 Levels Programme

Interactive course materials


Acquire 1,100 new characters


Prepares students for the Youth Chinese Test (YCT)


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